Vietnam’s imprints at IPU 132

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(VOVworld)- Vietnam’s preparation, reception and organization of the 132nd General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union are highly appreciated by parliamentarians and delegates from 166 countries. Today, VOV will feature the participants’ comments on IPU-132 in Vietnam.


After 5 days of working with nearly 70 discussions and sideline activities, IPU 132 is going to close. Vietnam’s friendliness, love of peace, dynamism and sense of responsibility were reflected in its hosting of the event.

Practical discussions

The delegates were impressed with Vietnam’s preparation for the event and also its agenda. The role of parliaments in cyber security, water resource management, international law, national sovereignty, human rights, gender equality, UN issues, and health care of women and children were discussed at IPU-132. They were the practical issues of each and every country. Hons Rosaline J Smith is a member of Sierra Leone’s Parliament: “I think Vietnam was well prepared for this conference. Their contribution is outstanding. The topic, the content that are discussed and the theme that turns the word into action are appropriate. And I think it is a great theme. It is about time we stop the talking, we stop meeting and putting them into action, implementing some of the issues that we launched, implement some of the stories we‘ve learned. I think it is the right theme”.

Themed “Sustainable Development Goals: Turning Words into Action”, IPU 132 is taking place at a time when the world community is reviewing the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and has adopted the Agenda for Sustainable Development and Designing Goals for post 2015. Promoting this theme makes discussions at IPU-132 more practical and effective. Dagmar Freitag is a member of the German Parliament: “There are many issues, of course. I think we have to work on the idea of turning words into action, because many things have to be solved internationally. This is why we gather here in Hanoi. We are really happy to be here and to meet colleagues from all over the world and to try to stop the problems of the world together”.Challenges for the next host of IPU

Hosting IPU-132, Vietnam had an opportunity to introduce its land, people, and culture as well as new developments to international friends. In the lobby of the National Convention Center, an exhibition featured traditions and cultures of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic minorities. Brocade weaving products made by residents of Ha Giang, a silk shirt from Ha Dong village, and a photo with Vietnamese artisans were among attendees’ Vietnamese souvenirs. A performance of traditional Vietnamese music inspired a lot of IPU-132 delegates including Denise Pascal Allende of the Chilean Parliament: “I love the artistic performances. I love the performance of Vietnamese musical performance. I enjoy cultural exchanges. I enjoy everything”.

Praising Vietnam’s thorough preparation for IPU-132, Indonesian MP Rahayu Saraswati called the event “wonderful”: “I think that Vietnam has done a wonderful job. This is the first time I’ve been here in Vietnam, and my impression is great hospitality. People are so warm and welcoming. We don’t look so different as well. It is almost like being in Indonesia but just in a different region with different languages, so I think that it is great experience to be here”.

“Vietnam – a wonderful country”, said IPU President Saber Choudhury. He said Vietnam’s contribution to the IPU went beyond expectations and posed a challenge for the host of the next IPU General Assembly. For Vietnam, this multi-lateral diplomatic event created an opportunity of cooperation and development.

Anh Huyen

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