Vietnam National Museum of History met New-York Historical Society to discuss on a co-operative project for an exhibition on Vietnam War

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On 26/03/2015, a delegation from New-York Historical Society (USA) visited and met Vietnam National Museum of History (VNMH). Dr. Nguyen Van Doan, Deputy Director of VNMH hosted the guests. They exchanged on a co-operative project for an exhibition that will showcase the materials and objects related to the Vietnam War 1955-1975.

Deputy Director Nguyen Van Doan and VNMH’s officers took a photograph with delegates of New-York Historical Society

Founded in 1804, New-York Historical Society Museum is the oldest museum in New York City. New-York Historical Society Museum has a mission to explore the richly layered political, cultural and social history of New York City and State and the nation, and to serve as a national forum for the discussion of issues surrounding the making and meaning of history

In the meeting, Mrs. Marci Reaven, Vice President for History Exhibitions of New-York Historical Society has expressed her admiration to the collections of VNMH museum, in particular, the collections of Vietnam War against the American. She presented a plan to hold an exhibition on Vietnam War in USA. The exhibition is expected to come in October 2016 and last till April 2017 on an around 400m2 space. It focuses on the events occurred in the US and Vietnam from 1950 to 1975. The showcase will be arranged to follow 5 subjects related to military, politic, society and culture and include a big amount of artworks, objects and audi-video products. The exhibition targets to express opinions, feelings and interests of the people who experienced the war as well as young people in order to encourage the talks between generations and generations.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Nguyen Van Doan highly appreciated the plan of New-York Historical Society Museum. He said that the VNMH museum will create favorable conditions for the co-operation to gain effective. The meeting certainly brings new opportunity of co-operation for the VNMH and the New-York Historical Society Museum.

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