Typically advanced collectives, individuals praised

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Thanh Mien district authorities (Hai Duong) have held a conference to sum up the patriotic emulation movement and praise advanced models in the 2010 – 2015 period.

In the past five years, patriotic emulation has become a widespread movement reaching every agency, unit, and individual in the district. From which, many typically advanced examples have appeared in all fields of social life.

Over the years, the district has had 13 collectives and individuals granted 3rd-class Labor Orders, 11 collectives and individuals awarded the Prime Minister’s Certificates of Merit, 19 units receiving Outstanding Emulation Flags of the Provincial People’s Committee, and thousands of people achieving the title of emulation soldier at all levels.

At the conference, Thanh Mien district authorities awarded certificates of credit to 28 collectives and 77 individuals who were advanced models with outstanding achievements in the emulation movement.

* In the past five years, the education and training sector of Ninh Giang district has actively responded to the emulation movements: “Each teacher is an example of morality, self-learning, and creativity”, “Developing friendly schools and active pupils”, and female teachers “proficient in school work and housework” associated with further promoting the learning and following of Ho Chi Minh’s moral example.

The emulation movements have spread wide and affected the consciousness and sense of responsibility of officials and teachers in the sector. Thus, the quality of education at school levels has gradually improved. Over the years, the entire sector has had three collectives awarded 3rd-class Labor Orders by the State and three collectives and six individuals granted Certificates of Merit by the Government.

On this occasion, the District People’s Committee commended three collectives and 30 individuals with excellent achievements in the patriotic emulation movement for the 2010 – 2015 period.

* The Trade Union of Provincial Industrial Parks on April 10 morning summarized the patriotic emulation movement and praised advanced models among workers, civil servants, and laborers in the 2010 – 2014 period.


The Trade Union of Industrial Parks commend and reward advanced models

Over the past five years, the Trade Union of Provincial Industrial Parks has always directed grassroots trade unions to actively implement the movements: “proficient and creative laborers”, “green – cleanness – beauty and assurance of labor safety and hygiene”, “proficiency in State work and housework”, etc. Workers, civil servants, and laborers in industrial parks have proposed 2,645 improvement initiatives, greatly benefiting enterprises and laborers. 200 turns of agencies and enterprises have been recognized to earn the cultural title at grassroots level or higher. About 70% of grassroots trade unions have achieved strong or excellently strong titles, etc.

On this occasion, 29 typically outstanding individuals were commended and rewarded.


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