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In the past time, the force of traffic policemen have concentrated on propagating, treating the cases of students not wearing safety helmets while sitting on motorbikes, electric bikes, and electric bikes. Despite certain positive changes, there are still cases of wearing helmets merely to deal with facing with policemen.

Traffic police forces propagating on traffic safety at Phan Boi Chau high school, Son Hoa district.

Traffic police forces propagating on traffic safety at Phan Boi Chau high school, Son Hoa district.

The national traffic safety committee and the bureau of overland, waterway traffic police (Police Ministry) have just announced the action plan of wearing safety hats among students. So as to bring about the highest efficiency, from April 6th to April 10th this year, the functional authorities concentrated on propagating on wearing helmets for children. Accordingly, the traffic policemen in the province organized patrolling at the surrounding areas of schools. Any parents that do not let their children wear helmets are reminded. Up to April 10th, the provincial traffic policemen simultaneously launched fining any violations against helmet-wearing.

According to the traffic policemen, right after the fining stipulations against helmet-wearing was seriously implemented, the majority of parents have also seriously implemented. It’s also becoming more favorable once dealing with parents violating this legal stipulation. However, up to this moment, although there have been positive shifts; some traffic-participants are obeying the law in a reluctant and “dealing” manner. Some parents living in the rural areas are objective in the way of not letting their children wear helmets once taking their children by motorbikes.

According to Mr. Pham Van Cuong, director of Phu Yen department of education and training, recently, the department has issued official circular to all schools in the province as related to propagating the children to be aware of wearing helmets while sitting on motorbikes, electric bikes and motorbikes. The propagation is conducted in various ways, like talks, salute-the-flag sessions, class activity lessons, particularly paying significant attention to propagating to parents. The messages in these propagations include, “Children have to wear helmets”, “Have kids wear helmets, parents’ love is expressed” or “Bear in mind teachers’ guide: wear helmets when sitting on motorbikes, electric bikes. The homeroom teachers have to remind and take various forms of testing, supervising on a daily basis. The schools take the implementation of this legal stipulation on wearing helmets among students as one of the criteria for assessing the emulating achievements of students during the academic year.

Source: Phu Yen NewspaperTranslated by HAI LOAN

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