Speeding up IT Application and Development

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The Steering Board for Information Technology of Cao Bang province was set up to improve the performance and service of State administrative units and serve local people and businesses. With the support of the Steering Board, many agencies and units have built IT application plans, thus helping speed up public administration reform, boost transparency and improve the service for citizens and businesses.

In recent years, the IT infrastructure system of Cao Bang province has been constantly invested for construction from provincial to communal levels, and basically met IT application requirements. So far, all agencies at provincial, district and communal levels have LAN systems and high-speed internet lines. The computer-to-officer density is 0.95 at provincial level, 0.65 at district level and 0.38 at the communal level. The stable and effective operation of a video-conferencing system serves online meetings of provincial authorities as well as branches. This system helps reduce expenses and travel time for meetings.

Regarding IT application, all provincial and district agencies have installed document management software and electronic administration, deployed and operated the electronic information portal and websites where administrative procedures are sufficiently published. As of December 2014, digital signatures were deployed in 34 provincial and district agencies. Open-source applications were deployed in State agencies in accordance with Circular 41/2009/TT-BTTTT. The province’s information portal ensures continuous smooth operation and information security, thus effectively serving provincial authorities.

In the coming time, the Department of Information and Communications of Cao Bang province will build an action programme in response to the Government’s Action Programme for the implementation of Resolution 36-NQ/TW of the Politburo dated July 1, 2014 on accelerating IT application and development to meet the requirements of sustainable development and international integration. The department will mobilise resources to quicken IT application in State agencies, particularly the exchange of electronic documents. The department will continue to deploy the Plan for Specialised Digital Signature Application in State Agencies in Cao Bang province and improve the training of civil servants in IT application.

With its achievements, the Department of Information and Communications will allocate resources for the sustainable development of ICT sector in all aspects. E-government will be gradually applied in local levels. IT personnel training will meet standards to ensure IT development and application. The construction, development and maintenance of e-government will become an important factor that influences social and economic development, national security and defence in the province.

Hoang Tinh

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