Quang Ngai to encourage the development of rattan and bamboo production

Source: Pano feed


The program of developing rattan and bamboo production by 2015-2020 has been approved by Quang Ngai Provincial People’s Committee. ​

The program objectives are: to encourage the development of rattan and bamboo furniture in households; to improve the production to be a major commodity sector; and to ensure natural environment protection.

It is projected to annually exploit 150 tons of rattan and 2 million trees of bamboo.

Via the program, it is expected to increase the area of rattan to 200 hectares and the areas of bamboo to 20 hectares.

It is planned to mobilize the investment of enterprises.

To achieve the targets, the province will firstly make a plan of planting bamboo trees in riverside areas andareas in high risks of landslides.

Secondly, it encourages the capital mobilization from as many as national target programs such as 30a, 135, ect for the sake of raw material development.

Thirdly, it will organize as many as programs of agriculture extension about the development of rattan and bamboo trees.

Finally, it will focus on a network of production and consumption.

Minh Chau

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