Quang Ngai: opening the Fine Arts Composing Camp 2015

Source: Pano feed


The provincial Literature-Arts Association and the provincial Vietnam Fine Arts Branch on April 03 opened the Fine Arts Composing Camp 2015 in Quang Ngai province. ​

At the ceremony, painters and sculptors from the Vietnam Fine Arts Association shared composing experiences and current fine arts tendencies with members of Quang Ngai Literature-Art Association.

Besides, they also contributed their ideas towards 18 draft works of 22 camp’s members. Most of fine arts works are made by pastel, oil-paint, gypsum, iron, stainless steel, …. reflecting the themes of family, sea and island.

This year, the composing camp is organized from 03 to 06 April, aiming to create conditions for camp’s members composing the best fine arts works in order to participate in the region exhibition and National Fine Arts Exhibition 2015.

Minh Thien

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