Quang Nam: 16 billion VND invested to upgrade sea dykes

Source: Pano feed

Nearly 700 metres of sea embankment stretching from Duy Thanh commune to Duy Vinh commune in the central province of Quang Nam will be upgraded at a total cost of nearly 16 billion VND (744,000 USD).

Upon completion in 2015, the construction will help ensure residents’ livelihoods and assets in coastal areas while preventing salinity and facilitating favourable conditions for famers’ production, especially during the typhoon season.

Earlier in November 2014, over 200 metres of steel embankment were completed in the central province of Quang Nam as an urgent intervention to prevent tidal waves from encroaching on Cua Dai beach.

Vietnam is coping with numerous challenges stemming from climate change; rising sea level and river course change are contributing to salinity intrusion in the region.

The country faces an average of 6-7 major storms annually and has recently experienced extreme events including droughts and landslides.

To deal with the issue, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has worked with other ministries to set up a working team for designing a Support Programme to Respond to Climate Change (SP-RCC) from 2016-2020.-VNA

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