PR failure

Source: Pano feed

The Saigon Times Daily

Local media cited Van’s status on the Facebook as saying she did not have trouble boarding the emerging budget airline’s flight from Hanoi to Danang on Wednesday, so why she was denied check-in on Thursday afternoon.

She waited more than four hours before she got on a Vietnam Airlines plane that took off at 10 p.m. the same day to come back to the capital city without a bit of difficulty.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) said in a statement on its website last Friday that the two staff of the carrier at Danang airport violated regulations that require transport firms to provide priority assistance for disabled passengers.

VietJetAir has apologized for the inappropriate treatment of a disabled customer using a wheelchair and is mulling punitive measures against the two employees.

Van said she is always offered help in many countries she has traveled to but in her home country she received such bad treatment.

The case has revealed a reality that certain services businesses do not treat the disabled appropriately. Many people with physical disabilities in Vietnam are wrestling with a slew of hindrances to the use of public transportation. In fact, a lot of bus and coach stations, restaurants, hotels and commercial centers are not friendly to the disabled.

Numerous legal documents have been issued to protect and help the disabled in Vietnam integrate into their communities.

However, competent agencies should work hard to better enforce the regulations and run campaigns to raise public awareness of better care for the disabled.

But before the authorities take actions, each and every business should be aware of this matter first to avoid a public relations failure which VietJetAir has committed.

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