Poor awareness

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The Saigon Times Daily

The common reasons given by parents or adult riders are that schools are near home or they are in a hurry or they forget using helmets. In some cases, the police detained the bikes of violators but in others, they let violators go after issuing a warning against a repeat of such infringement.

In a society governed by the rule of law, all individuals and institutions, public and private, must be made accountable under the law to protect fundamental rights, including the security of persons and property.

Therefore, the strict yet equal and fair enforcement of the helmet wearing rule can protect children from head injuries, including life-threatening ones, when an accident happens. This aspect of the regulation deserves praise.

But sadly, violating riders are not fully aware of this. The cost of a crash helmet is far lower than that of hospital admission, let alone post-accident injuries in serious cases.

A helmet vendor says many adults have come to her store to ask for prices and some have walked away while others have chosen the cheapest helmets as a way to dodge the rule rather than to protect their children because they think the traffic police might not get tough on children in the long run.

Is this because traffic law enforcement has been poor? Definitely yes. It is easy to see a lot of adults riding on motorcycles without helmets on, running red light or stopping on crosswalks at red lights. These infringements must be strictly dealt with to ensure respect for the rule of law.

The country is keen to build a society governed by the rule of law since it ensures safety and security for individuals, families and institutions.

A majority of road accidents in the country involve motorcycles, so it is time to enforce the helmet rule to prevent avoidable road deaths and injuries.

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