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VietNamNet Bridge – Students from the Duy Tan University in Da Nang, the largest city in central Vietnam, have tested a traffic-help robot they have made.

After years of study, a group of students from Duy Tan University successfully designed a navigation robot.

Student Nguyen Cong Tin from the Electrical Engineering Faculty said once in HCM City Tin saw taxi motorbike drivers help take older people, kids and foreign tourists across the road. He then had the idea of designing a traffic-guide robot. Tin invited his classmates – Vo Thanh Nghia and Ha Kim Tung – to take part in the project.

The robot is 1.9 m tall, wears a helmet, holds a lamp-stick on his right hand and uses the left hand to take people cross the road. On his mouth is a hooter.

The robot is equipped with dozens of advanced ultrasonic sensors, able to detect and handle situations flexibly.

It wears the uniform of volunteers and it can talk very politely. When someone approaches to ask for its help, the robot will say: “I’m a traffic-guide robot. Please turn on the start button, I will take you cross the road.”

Passersby just need to press the red button and the robot will automatically lead them across the road. After finishing the task, the robot will say goodbye and turn back to its starting point. The necessary time for passing the road is 1.5-2 minutes. The robot has sufficient power to work for over 50 turns.

Upon detecting traffic-law violators, the robot will say: “Traffic culture is for community life”, “Please be an example of the sense for traffic participation for your children”….

After the test, this robot will be widely used on major roads of Da Nang.

Traffic in Vietnam, particularly crossing the road, is a fear of foreign visitors. With this robot, they will not have to be worried about it.

Photo: Zing Thu Lan

Photo: Zing Thu Lan

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