Painting exhibition about Vietnam launched in Norway

Source: Pano feed

Đăng ký: VietNam News

Vietnamese Ambassador to Norway Le Thi Tuyet Mai and painter Dang Van Ty (middle) (Photo: VNA)

Vietnamese Ambassador to Norway Le Thi Tuyet Mai and painter Dang Van Ty (middle) (Photo: VNA)

An exhibition of paintings about Vietnam was opened on April 11th in the city of Baerum, Norway, in the presence of a large number of art lovers, representatives of the Council of Baerum, the Diplomatic Corps of Oslo and the Norweigan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The exhibition displays paintings by Norwegian and Vietnamese painters, including two famous Vietnamese original artists Dang Van Ty and An Doan, living in Norway and local famous painter Hans Normann Dahl.

The exhibition was organized by the Baerum Fine Arts Association in collaboration with Le Tan Sitek, an overseas Vietnamese residing in Norway for a long and enthusiastic about creating a connection between the two countries.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, Mr. Morten Skauge, Head of Department of Culture and Religious Affairs of the Council of Baerum, stressed the exhibition was organized to introduce Vietnam’s painting and help visitors learn about and explore potentials of Vietnam, the country overcoming the effects of war.

The exhibition was also a special event honoring Vietnam-Norway cooperation and friendship, as well as commemorating the historic victory on April 30th ending the war and unifying Vietnam.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Norway Le Thi Tuyet Mai appreciated the organization of the exhibition and expressed her special thanks for the great efforts of the Baerum Fine Arts Association, Ms. Le Tan Sitek, and the Vietnamese and Norwegian artists contributing to the exhibition.

She also highlighted the significance of the exhibition held on the occasion of the anniversary of ending the war in Vietnam and the high-level visits of Norwegian leaders to Vietnam.

Many visitors attending the exhibition appreciated the painting, the country and people of Vietnam.

The exhibition will end on May 3rd./.