Old habit: Infamous polluter Vedan at it again in southern Vietnam

Source: Pano feed


Environmental police investigate the site in Dong Nai’s Bien Hoa Town where 50 tons of industrial waste were dumped. Photo credit: Dong Nai police

Notorious polluter Vedan Vietnam has been accused of dumping 50 metric tons of industrial solid waste to an open area in the southern province of Dong Nai.

Police said they are investigating the Taiwanese MSG maker and two drivers allegedly hired by the company to discharge the untreated waste.

Earlier on April 9, police caught Nguyen Huu Chung, 43, and Nguyen Minh Quang, 51, dumping the waste from their trucks at a site in the province’s Bien Hoa Town.

The duo confessed they had been asked by an employee of Vedan Vietnam to dump the waste for VND1.3 million (US$60) each load. They were caught after almost finishing their second trips.

In 2008, Vedan Vietnam was caught discharging untreated effluent directly into the Thi Vai River through secret underground pipes.

Government inspectors found that the company had been dumping 105 million liters of untreated liquid waste a month into the river for 14 years.

The Vietnam Environment Administration decided that Vedan Vietnam was responsible for 77 percent of the pollution in the Thi Vai River.

The company has paid up to VND267.5 million in fines and compensating many affected farmers.

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