Mother Mai of unfortunate young people in Can Tho

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(VOVworld) – Phan Thi Tuyet Mai is vice President of the Fatherland Front and head of the social volunteers’ group of Long Tuyen ward, Binh Thuy district, Can Tho city. Mai has been helping disadvantaged young people in her locality. Le Hoa reports:


Mai has been actively involved in community activities for more than 10 years. Nguyen Thanh Son, Chairman of Long Tuyen ward’s People’s Committee, said: “The social volunteers’ group has helped to ensure social security and public order in the area. Mai has helped a number of young people who committed crimes to reintegrate into the community and start a business. Mai has won the local community’s trust because of her prestige and ability to mobilize people.”

Many young people in Long Tuyen are HIV positive or have committed crimes. Mai has been patient in approaching and persuading them to give up their bad habits and reintegrate into society: “I did not give up but asked for support from their relatives. We should give them a second chance. If we abandon them, how would their lives be? I’ve been cooperating with the local authorities to educate these children.”


Mai has become a second mother to many and has used her own money to help them turn over a new leaf. Like a real mother, she’s worked to raise donations for the unfortunate children, some of whom have kicked their drug addiction and established their own family. A former drug addict said: “I’m trying to make ends meet and pay for my children’s education. What I did was wrong. I should set an example for my children to follow.”

Mai’s work has been acknowledged by people in her area and the Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs with a certificate of merit for her contributions to preventing drug use, prostitution, and HIV/AIDS.

Le Hoa

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