Minister Nguyen Quan: ‘Enterprises are the most important technology application address’

Source: Pano feed

Đăng ký: VietNam News

Minister of Science and Technology confirmed that enterprises are always center of the national technological innovation process, the most important technology application addresses and decisive role in the economy.


Speaking at the announcement conference on state project for “Development of intellectual economy in Vietnam to 2020″, Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan stressed, many scientists pointed the development of Vietnam in 30 years of innovation based primarily on three factors, such as institutional change from centrally planned economy to a market economy, removing the old binding mechanisms of socioeconomic development, based on natural resources and expectations of cheap labor.

The Minister said that it is on time we can’t develop by removing mechanisms. In the development of the knowledge economy, MOST appreciated high role of the business. The view of the Ministry is always support, encouragement, along with businesses in research, application, owning imported foreign technologies, creating domestic technologies, positive technological innovation, creating new products with competition and availability of global integration.

Prof. Dang Huu, co-author said that the development of the intellectual economy in Vietnam has become a command of life. Although there were many difficulties, some successful businesses relied on technologies and knowledge in many areas, became global enterprises, such as FPT, Viettel.