MH370 search zone to be expanded

Source: Pano feed

Đăng ký: VietNam News

The Malaysian, Australian and Chinese governments are to expand the search zone for the missing flight MH370 by 60,000sq km.
(Photo: chiangraitimes)

(Photo: chiangraitimes)

The Malaysian Transport Minister, Liow Tiong Lai said “Malaysia, China and Australia are committed to the search for MH370″. “If we cannot locate the aircraft within the 60,000 square kilometers, we’ll continue the second phase of another 60,000 square kilometer search,” he added.

The plane is believed to have crashed in the Indian Ocean off Australia’s west coast. It’s been more than a year and still no wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has been found.

Four vessels equipped with sophisticated underwater drones, have searched more than 60 percent of the previously unmapped expanse of sea floor that has been designated the highest priority.

MH370 vanished on March 8th, after leaving Kuala Lumpur with 239 people on board, including six Australians.

The disappearance of the flight and its 239 passengers and crew remains one of the most baffling mysteries in aviation history./.