Man ‘buried’ under truck rubble when obstructing expansion of highway in Vietnam

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A resident in central Vietnam was ‘buried’ under a big pile of soil and rocks dumped onto him by a truck on Saturday when he tried to hinder the expansion of a highway that spans the land in front of his house.


Nguyen Thanh, 56, and many others living near him rushed to the construction site to stop a truck driven by an unidentified person from pouring soil and rocks onto a passage of National Highway 1A before his house in Thang Binh District, Quang Nam Province around 10:00 am, according to local police officers.

When Thanh was trying to block the vehicle from going on with its work, the soil and rocks were suddenly dumped on him.

Locals immediately pulled him out of the pile but he still sustained multiple injuries on the body.

When an ambulance arrived at the scene, Thanh’s family refused to let the vehicle take him away in order to keep the scene intact, forcing medical personnel to give first aid to him right on the spot.

At 1:00 pm, the family agreed to allow the ambulance to take him to Thang Hoa Hospital in the district for treatment following negotiations with local authorities.

Many people in the neighborhood punctured the two front tires of the truck out of anger at such dumping. The driver was reported to flee the scene after the pouring.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Tran Van Xuan, chief of the Thang Binh police, Thanh’s obstruction of the vehicle stemmed from his disagreement with local authorities over land records.

His family said that some strangers had arrived at the scene and given orders to the truck driver to keep pouring the debris when Thanh and his wife, Huynh Thi Thao, were trying to prevent the truck from moving on.

Currently, local authorities are conducting further investigation into the case by gathering testimonies from the people in the neighborhood and other related ones.

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