Man asks for compensation after incorrect HIV diagnosis

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VietNamNet Bridge – Hoang Khac Suu was diagnosed with HIV 10 years ago, but he knew that he did not carry the HIV virus.


Hoang Khac Suu.

More than 10 years ago Suu, 42, in the central province of Nghe An, committed murder and was jailed at the No. 3 Prison in Tan Ky District, Nghe An.

In 2003, Suu was tested for HIV under a program of the HIV/AIDS Prevention Committee. He was told that he was positive for HIV.

In 2013, Suu was released and his health record was transferred from the Nghe An HIV/AIDS Prevention Center to the medical station of Nghi Thu ward, Suu’s residence. Since then Suu has received periodic examinations for HIV carriers.

Suu was very healthy, even though he was said to carry HIV. Last September, Dr. Che Dinh Dung, head of the health station of Nghi Thu Ward, advised Suu to check again.

All three tests at the Center for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Nghe An Hospital showed that Suu was negative for HIV.

Suu has sent his petitions to the Nghe An Health Department and related departments claiming compensation.

Suu said he had been living in fear and despair since he was diagnosed with HIV. Returning home, he suffered discrimination from locals and could not find a job.

He loved and wanted to get married with a woman (his wife at present) but her family protested as they knew that he carried HIV. The family only approved the marriage after Suu showed them the latest test results.

Nguyen Xuan Hong, deputy director of the Nghe An Department of Health said: “Of the 10,000 people living with HIV in Nghe An, Suu’s case is unique.”

Hong said the responsibility should go to the police and the Preventive Medicine Center of Nghe An.

It is difficult to define responsibility because the case occurred a long time ago. At the time Nghe An employed only two people in charge of HIV-AIDS. Also, the testing equipment was outdated, Hong said.

On April 1, officials of Nghe An Health Department met with Suu and related agencies. Suu’s name was deleted from the list of HIV carriers of Nghe An. The Health Department also sent a letter to the authorities of Nghi Thu Ward, where Suu resides, to inform them of Suu’s health situation and his case.

At the meeting, Suu asked for compensation. However, representatives of the Department of Health said that there was no provision for compensation and the party that bears responsibility for the mistake has not been defined. It is necessary to identify which agency is responsible for the case first, Hong said.


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