Ly Son Island celebrates 40 years of its liberation day

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Ly Son Island district on March 31 formally held the ceremony to celebrate 40th anniversary of its liberation day (31 March 1975 – 2015). Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Tran Van Minh, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Pham Truong Tho attended the event. ​

At the ceremony, Secretary of the district’s Party Committee Nguyen Thanh delivered a speech reviewing the glorious revolutionary tradition of Ly Son Island. After the liberation day, people in the district have strived to overcome difficulties, focusing on building infrastructure for the economic development and improving people daily lives.

Ly Son currently has been invested with big projects such as Ly Son fishing port, traffic roads system, hospitals, schools, high-speed passenger vessels, anti-erosion embankments, submarine power cable system, etc.

Economic growth rate reached 16% – 17.1% per year. The total production value of major economic sectors in 2014 was over VND 765, a rise of nine times in comparison with 1995.


Per capital income in 1995 was VND 2.7 million / person / year and increased by VND 18.7 million / person / year in 2014, increasing by 6.9 times in comparison with 1995.

The state budget revenue in the district has increased 43 times, from VND 374.3 million in 1995 to VND 16 billion in 2014.

Along with the development of the economic sectors, the field of culture – social has also achieved remarkable achievements. Medical and education facilities and equipments have been invested and developed.

Especially, in September 2014, Ly Son Island was connected to national power system by undersea cable, meeting the local people’s dream and opening up new opportunities for the island’s development.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee cum Head of the Steering Committee for Ly Son development Tran Van Minh praised the important achievements of Ly Son in the progress of district’s construction and development in hometown during the past 40 years.

For further development in the future, Deputy Secretary Minh urged the island to mobilize the local participation in to the development of marine economy, tourism, fishing, seafood processing, etc. Besides, the district should use difference sources for infrastructure investment, building Ly Son becoming a green and clean sea urban in accordance with mission of sea and islands sovereignty protection.

In addition, the district should preserve and promote cultural relics values; research and ask for the recognition of Ly Son Island as a special cultural relic at national level.

Minh Thien

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