Hoang Sa submarine inventor issues challenge to science department

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VietNamNet Bridge – The Hoang Sa submarine will be launched on July 3, says the sub’s inventor Le Nga. He plans to invite officials of the local science department, who had doubts about the sub’s viability, to the launching ceremony.


Nga, 50, created his tank, submarine and helicopter in a room covering an area of 6 square meters in Hue City.

Nga told Dat Viet that he is preparing for the sub launching by adding more equipment to make it “stronger”.

In order to allow it to dive under the water, Nga some months ago installed three more propellers to raise the total number to six. Nga has also reinforced the battery power so that the sub can dive for a longer period of time.

A camera has been installed at the head of the sub, which will take pictures and transmit images to people ashore, so that they can watch all activities of the sub.

The function of transmitting live images, according to Nga, is very important, because it helps search for antiquities and dead bodies at the bottom of rivers.

Hectic preparations being made by Nga are expected to be completed soon to be ready for the launching ceremony on July 3, Nga’s birthday. The sub would be launched on the Huong River in Hue City.

“The launching ceremony would be organized solemnly, and the senior officials of the provincial science & technology department would be invited.

“I will show them that my Hoang Sa can run and dive smoothly on the Huong River. I will prove that the department’s director made inaccurate comments in newspapers that the sub cannot run and dive in the river,” he said.

He said that he would hire fashion models to dive with Hoang Sa and famous singers to sing to congratulate the success of Hoang Sa launching.

Director of the Thua Thien-Hue provincial Science & Technology Department Tran Ngoc Nam in early February visited Nga at his workshop.

Nam, while encouraging Nga’s creativity, doubted the sub could operate and dive.

“The sub cannot run when it is under water, while the signals will be lost once the distance between the sub and the controller is over 10 meters,” he said.

It is expected that at the launching ceremony, Nga will announce his plan to create a mock-up of F-35B, the latest-generation of the US army’s jet-fighter.

Nga has said that the new project would be completed by the end of 2015. If so, Nga would fulfill his dream of making a battle tank, submarine and fighter aircraft.

Local newspapers have reported that Nga has begun work on a fighter aircraft.

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