Fifth elephant dies in Dak Lak in four months

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VietNamNet Bridge – After being stabbed by an unknown assailant, an elephant refused to eat and died after two days. This is the fifth domesticated elephant in Dak Lak that has died this year.


One of the five elephants that have died in Dak Lak this year. Photo provided by Elephant Conservation Center of Dak Lak province.

The authorities are still conducting investigations to clarify the cause of death of an elephant named H’Lun (38 years old), under the management of Mr. Y Nhuan Hmok, 69, of EaWer commune, Buon Don district, Dak Lak province, famous for elephants in Vietnam.

It is reported that the elephant was stabbed on its left thigh by someone on March 30. The Elephant Conservation Center of Dak Lak Province brought the elephant to the Ranger Station No. 1 of Yok Don National Park for treatment.

After several days of treatment, the health of the elephant improved and it was later moved to another place for further treatment.

However, on April 13, the elephant refused to eat or open its mouth, and died on the evening of April 15.

Four of the elephants that died were domesticated and one was a wild elephant.

The elephants were are at relatively young age, and the cause of their death was not clear.

Minh Hai

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