East Timor ready to join ASEAN, Ambassador says

Source: Pano feed

East Timor is ready and willing to become a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) at any time from now on, according to Jose Antonio Amorim Dias, East Timor’s Ambassador to Malaysia.

Ambassador Amorim Dias said that his country has gained enough confidence and experience to assume all responsibilities of a member nation of ASEAN, including having enough personnel to attend ASEAN’s meetings throughout the year.

The smallest and newest Southeast Asian country, however, has not yet set any specific date to join the association, he said.

Amorim Dias admitted joining the bloc is a long and complicated process but said East Timorese people wanted ASEAN to accept their country’s application as soon as possible.

East Timor submitted its application for ASEAN membership in March, 2011 and was welcomed by most of the association’s member nations except for Singapore, who said that it wanted East Timor to be fully and appropriately prepared.

The ambassador promised once becoming an ASEAN member, his country would double its efforts to improve its capacities to participate in all processes of the association.

Acknowledged the benefit of being an ASEAN nation, the ambassador stated that his country is not seeking financial support from member nations and affirmed that his country will take on all duties and responsibilities of a member country.

Amorum Dias expressed his hope that at the 26th ASEAN Summit in Malaysia at the end of this month, the ASEAN member nations will take positive moves showing their commitments to including East Timor as their bloc peer.-VNA

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