Code of ethics drafted for Japan ODA-funded projects

Source: Pano feed

Quang Chung

The code is aimed at ensuring transparency and preventing graft after some corruption cases and allegations in connection with the projects using Japan’s ODA loans have been brought to light in the past years.

Under the draft code, individuals involved in the contractor selection process would be required to pledge that they would not use their positions for personal gains while ensuring healthy competition among bidders.

The forthcoming code of ethics is also designed to prevent conflicts of interest and nepotism. Officials would have to commit to take no bribes, keep bidding information confidential, and make sure fair competition for all parties concerned.

The draft code requires individuals taking part in such tenders to report irregularities to the Public Procurement Agency under the ministry or the office of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Vietnam if they suspect their co-workers, contractors and others do something that violates the code.

At a media conference in Hanoi early this month, JICA in Vietnam called for Vietnam to do what it can to prevent corruption at projects funded by Japan’s ODA loans, otherwise, Japanese aid will be suspended.

JICA warned the Japan Transportation Consultants Inc. (JTC) case involving a railway project in Vietnam should be the last for Japan-financed projects in Vietnam as if another case is brought to light, the Japanese taxpayers would force their government to stop ODA for Vietnam.

At the media briefing, Yamamoto Kenichi, deputy chief representative of JICA in Vietnam, said the agency is collaborating with Vietnam’s ministries of planning-investment and finance to establish an independent supervision mechanism to detect possible irregularities at Japanese ODA-funded projects.

Japan has signed official agreements on ODA loans totaling 82.6 billion yen in fiscal 2014, and the amount was 165.6 billion yen in 2013.

There are more than 150 projects in Vietnam using technical grants and loans of Japan.

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