City encourages more voluntary blood donors

Source: Pano feed

The Steering Board for Voluntary Blood Donation in Hanoi yesterday held a meeting to mark the day all people donate blood on April 7 with message “Donation of blood saves people- good deed”.

For years, in Hanoi, more and more voluntarily donate their blood as the quantity of blood donation increased; accordingly it helps saving many people. Chairman of the capital city Red Cross Ngo Tien Dung said that the city needs more blood.

It is hoped to collect more blood donation from the meeting for patients who are waiting for blood.

Last year, the city has collected over 140,000 blood units or 41,000 liters of blood, achieving 2 percent of the population of voluntary donors. However, the quantity has just met around 70 percent of demand for treatment and emergency.

Đăng ký: VietNam News