65 fires recorded in 2014

Source: Pano feed


A meeting to review burning problems in the province in 2014 and develop tasks of fire prevention and control in 2015 was held on Friday. ​

The number of fires in 2014 – released by the Provincial Steering Committee for Fire Prevention and Control (the steering committee)- were 65 fires, increasing 25 compared with that in 2013.

There were 29 fires in forest, 25 fires in resident areas, 5 fires in offices, 10 fires in enterprises, and others that killed at least one people and caused a loss of nearly 7 billion dong.

Last year, the province also saw 3 cases of explosions, leaving three dead tolls and two others injured.

According to the Steering Committee, fire has been still under high risks of occurrence particularly in dry season when some companies, manufactures have not yet concerned on the work of burning prevention and control as required.

Moreover, lots of residents deal with the knowledge limitation of fire prevention and control.

Some offices face with the capital shortage for the investment in the improvement of fire control and prevention’s equipment and facilities.


In a bid to decrease the number of fires in 2015, Vice chairman of Quang Ngai Provincial People’s Committee Mr Pham Truong Tho – Head of The Steering Committee directed partners to strengthen further the works of propaganda, improving community’s awareness about the law, rules, regulars, ect about fire prevention and control.

They are requested to kick off the inspections at any places where have been under high risks of burning in order to provide clear instructions for them.

Strict punishments will be given to whoever does not obey laws, rules of fire prevention and control that is expected to ensure safety, especially in the summer.

Staffs training and special skill education about fire prevention and control are also requested to be increased and pushed up.

Minh Chau

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