Youths nationwide respond to this year’s first recruitment drive

Source: Pano feed

PANO – Youths from various localities across the country are eager to join the army in respond to the first recruitment drive of this year. The recruits were handed over to army units on March 6th.

* In the first drive, localities of Military Zone 2 recruited 4,500 youths with good health for the Army. Among the selected, 33 youths are party members and many of them have graduated from colleges or universities. Most of the recruits wrote petitions to voluntarily serve the military term.


* Provinces and cities of Military Zone 3 finished the handover of 10,000 recruits to army units. All the recruits met the criteria required by the Army and are youth union members. Noteworthy is that 17 of them are party members and 197 others are government employees.

* The provinces in the Military Zone 4 also completed this year’s first recruitment drive with the handover of nearly 5,000 recruits to 23 units.

* The ceremonies in Military Zone 5’s localities also ended in happy and solemn atmosphere. In this drive, 35 units received recruits from 11 provinces and cities in the zone.

* Recruit handing over ceremonies were solemnly held in provinces and cities in Military Zones 7 and 9 on March 6th.

On this occasion, leaders of localities in Can Tho province presented gifts and saving books, worth VND 1.2 million to the recruits.

Translated by Tran Hoai

Đăng ký: VietNam News