Writer, poetess Bach Phan of Dong Thap

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(VOVworld) – Bach Phan of Sa Dec city, Dong Thap province, has written many Vọng cổ songs, which are a cycle or pattern, performed in Vietnam’s reformed opera. Bach Phan is currently President of the Vietnam Stage Artists’ Association and Vice President of the Dong Thap Provincial Stage Artists’ Association. Le Hoa reports:


Bach Phan is a poetess and a writer. Many of her works have been published by the People’s Police Publisher, including 2 poetry collections called “Giant Crape-myrtle” and”A voice from the inside”, 2 police story serials called “Sad melody” and “A turning point in life”, and many Vong co songs. Bach Phan says she tries to convey the responsibility of educating the young in whatever she writes: “I want them to feel what I feel about life and the vitality of youth. The more we understand the nature of music, arts and literature, the better our behavior will be.”

The main theme of Bach Phan’s Vong co songs is Vietnam’s revolutionary tradition and police officers who work to ensure social security and public order. Her songs have been performed in many art programs and contests in the province and throughout Vietnam. Meritorious artist Dinh Minh Man, head of Dong Thap province’s art troupe, said: “We have used many of Bach Phan’s songs about Vietnamese mothers. She has also written for many political communication programs.”


Bach Phan participated in the 2015 Vietnam Poetry Day in her province submitting a poem about Vietnam’s sea and islands and about the feelings people on the mainland have for naval soldiers who are safeguarding Vietnam’s maritime sovereignty. She said: “I wrote this poem when Dong Thap received 21 stones and 10 square almond trees sent by the Truong Sa naval soldiers. 3 of the trees were planted at the Nguyen Sinh Sac relic site and the rest at a number of secondary schools in the province. My poem is a reflection of the feeling of Dong Thap people at the ceremony to receive these special gifts. The trees have been well taken care of to show how people on the mainland feel toward naval soldiers.”

Police officer, Bach Phan has been writing for more than 30 years and many of her works have won her prestigious awards and accolades.

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