World Water Day 2015 to be held in Bac Giang

Source: Pano feed

Water Resources Management Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, said the various national activities in response to the World Water Day 2015 ( March 22) will be held in Bac Giang, from March 19 – 20.

The main activities include: Photo exhibition named “Water and Sustainable Development”; Scientific Conference on the same theme an Art Program celebrating the World Water Day 2015; and different communication activities. Especially, a national ceremony will be organized with the participation of the Party and State officials who will deliver important message about effective and sustainable managing and using of water resources. Under the theme “Water and Sustainable Development”, this year’s World Water Day will call on the community to pay attention on the relationship between sustainable development and water resources due to the fact thatin 2025, about 2/3 of the global population in 2025 is predicted to live critical conditions of water supply. As a result, sustainable development has become increasingly urgent, requiring a strategic and global vision of which water resources play a key role and cannot be separated from sustainable development.


Annually, countries all over the world including Vietnam organize activities to celebrate the World Water Day to call the attention of the whole world on the importance of water resources and policies on managing sustainably water resources, especially freshwater resources. Water resources in the basins have been overexploited. Because of the pressure of economic – social development, water resources have become increasingly degraded in terms of both quality and quantity.

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