Workers in Ho Chi Minh city assisted with nearly VND24 billion for transport fees during Tet

Source: Pano feed

Đăng ký: VietNam News

Trade unions at different levels in Ho Chi Minh city made thorough preparations for caring about the welfare of workers and labourers during the lunar New Year, thus making assistance more convenient as well as raising the value of workers’ Tet presents compared to previous years.


So said a representative from the city Confederation of Labour during a meeting to review the care for workers and labourers during Tet, held on March 10th.

Accordingly, trade unions encouraged 500 enterprises to give transport ticket support to over 32,380 workers to go home for Tet, with a total capital of over VND23.7 billion.

In addition, trade unions at export processing and industrial zones provided over 4,700 presents for disadvantaged workers. Furthermore, they worked with enterprises to hold year-end meetings for nearly 550,000 workers and help over 4,500 workers’ families who could not return home for Tet welcome Tet at the city.

According to the trade unions, over 3,000 workers were given sticky rice cakes for Tet, while funds were raised to support workers having accidents at work and art performances were held for workers to enjoy during Tet./.