Water is essence of sustainable development

Source: Pano feed

At the meeting to celebrate the World Water Day 2015 organized in Bac Giang province, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai emphasized that water needs to be seen not only as a precious natural resources, but also as the key factor for the socio-economic development and environmental protection.

Generally, Vietnam has the limited water resources, particularly in the context of increasing water-use demand; over water-exploitation by the countries in the upstream; water pollution, deterioration, and exhaustion; especially the wasteful and ineffective water consumption.

Therefore, the Deputy Prime Minister affirmed that it is needed to appraise adequately the role of water resources with sustainable development; to develop the cooperation between related sectors; ensure human health and ecosystem, food and energy security, industrial and urban development; and other issues related to social equity, gender equity, and water resources sustainable development.

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