Vietnamese lawmakers want early approval of first-ever protest bill

Source: Pano feed


A Chinese ship guarding the oil rig Haiyang Shiyou – 981 that operated illegally in Vietnam’s East Sea last year, prompting protesting rallies nationwide in Vietnam. Photo: Doc Lap

Some legislators in Vietnam have urged the government to complete a bill on demonstration as soon as possible, saying it is vital to governance and national security.

“Many National Assembly deputies have called for early approval of a demonstration law, especially after China’s illegal operation of the drilling rig 981 in Vietnam waters,” said Nguyen Kim Khoa, chairman of the National Defense and Security Committee.

“It is necessary to have the Law on Demonstration as soon as possible because it involves national security,” he said.

The government originally planned to submit the bill at the coming parliament session in May.

However, it has proposed a delay, pushing the bill to a session in October 2016.

Chairman of the Legal Committee Phan Trung Ly said the bill should be submitted early.

“However, we still suggest the National Assembly’s Standing Committee agree on the government’s proposed delay,” he said.

Phan Xuan Dung, chairman of the Committee on Science, Technology and Environment, said the draft demonstration law is among bills that should not be delayed due to urgent demands, even though drafting can be difficult and complicated.

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