Vietnam to tighten internal security checks for civil aviation

Source: Pano feed

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAA) has instructed relevant agencies to tighten internal security checks for civil aviation following the recent alleged suicide by a German co-pilot on flight 4U 9525 operated by Germanwings airline.


In an instruction announced on March 27, CAA asked to tighten checks in the cockpit of planes during entire the flights of Vietnamese airliners such as Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air and Jetstar.

Besides ensuring security in the cockpit of planes, CAA also asked airliners to work with pilots to quickly discover any psychological abnormalities to reach timely solutions.

CAA also asked airliners to check their flight procedures and documents so that they can have early modifications to ensure safety and security and avoid sabotage during flights.

The cockpits of flights of Vietnamese airliners always have two members, according to CAA. Whenever a pilot needs to leave the cockpit during a flight, the chief air hostess on the flight must replace him until the pilot returns.

Data analysis showed that a co-pilot of the Germanwings flight committed suicide by crashing his plane into a mountain, killing 150 passengers and crew members aboard, on March 24.

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