Vietnam needs many practical actions for Green Growth

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Institutional reform

In order to achieve the targets in the green growth strategy, from the beginning of 2015, Vietnam has organized many conferences, workshops to discuss on solutions of green growth and issued many related regulations. The Vietnam’s top priorities now are to strengthen capacity and reform the institutional framework to implement the green growth.

Learning experience from other countries in implementation of green growth, the Government’s active intervention in developing the sustainably institutional and legal framework for green growth is required.

In order to achieve the green economic policy targets, it is necessary to switch the economic development method, towards a “Green Economy” and in accordance with the development trend of the global economy. However, the selection of development models and economic structures which are appropriate with the “Green Economy” and with Vietnam context still needs to be further researched and finalized. In this process, Vietnam also can learn the experience from other countries to develop a suitable progress.

Vietnam has been implementing the policies related to community participation, community’s awareness raising on green growth since the very important role of propagandizing the green growth at provinces and rural areas all over the country. Ho Chi Minh City and some provinces such as Nghe An, Lam Dong, Lai Chau… have provided trainings for key staffs on green growth as well as disseminated the national action plan and developed their own action plans.

Developing a network of organizations and agencies to manage the transition to the “Green Economy” model as well as establishing a system of policies and regulations to enhance green economy… are urgent actions to be implemented at the present.

Strengthening capacity

In order to strengthen capacity for the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), Ministry of Transport (MOT) and other provinces and cities in the efficient implementation and monitoring of the green growth strategy and the national action plan of Vietnam, MPI will conduct the project “Strengthening Capacity and Institutional Reform for Green Growth and Sustainable Development in Vietnam” (CIGG). The project shall be implemented from 2015 to 2018 with its total cost of USD 4.128 million and with the partnership of UNDP and USAID.

The project will contribute to build policies and enhance investment towards green growth as well as to mobilize financial sources.

According to the Deputy Minister of MPI, Nguyen The Phuong, in 2015 Vietnam and other countries strive to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals and develop the goals after 2015. To achieve these goals and increase the growth rate while protect environment and ecosystem, Vietnam has set targets to restructure the economy which restructuring the public investment is one of the most important tasks.

“MPI will review the investment policy framework and collaborate with the Ministry of Finance to assess fiscal tools to identify gaps and potential for reforms that will accelerate Vietnam’s transition to a greener economy. Together with MOT, MPI will review incentives for investment in energy-efficient transportation networks” said Mr. Phuong.

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