Vietnam is land of opportunity for US scientist

Source: Pano feed

(VOV) -While some domestic scientists are under the impression that working conditions in the country are not up to international standards, other foreign scientists see nothing but the opportunity to make a difference in the nation’s future.

Dr Iftikhar A.Gul from the US is one of those foreign scientists, currently working in the Sai Gon Hi-Tech Park with the aim of developing technological products in Vietnam. Dr Gul said his goal is to help turn the semiconductor industry into the leading technology of Vietnam.

In 2013, when he was working as the technological director for Semicoa from the US, he received an offer of employment from the Sai Gon Hi-Tech Park. He was very interested in the prospects of working in Vietnam.

He said when he received the offer, he thought this was a worthy and adventurous opportunity. So he quit his US$300,000 a year job at Semicoa to take the job at the Sai Gon Hi-Tech Park, Dr A.Gul where he receives only US$2000 per month.

At present, he is supporting the Sai Gon Hi-tech Park to set up a production line for the launch of semi-conductor equipment. He has also gotten involved in training young researchers and instructing them how to design products and develop quality control standards.

In addition, Dr Gul has given provided businesses advice on ways to conduct marketing activities and on developing customer bases. At the same time, Dr Gul hopes to train an outstanding staff of engineers and marketing experts at the industrial park.

The Management Board of Sai Gon Hi-Tech Park recently revealed that it is piloting a program to provide scientists with attractive salaries to entice them to come and work in Vietnam, especially those Vietnamese working abroad.

For his part, Dr. Ta Minh Tri, a nano technology expert who is living and working in France said that salary is not the determining factor for scientists to return home to work.

Tri added that the most important is the creation of an environment that is conducive for conducting researches, colleagues, and opportunities to exchange with foreign researchers and participate in international seminars.

Similarly, Dr Tran Hai Linh from Chonbuk National University in the Republic of Korea said the most important thing is co-ordination among colleagues and the availability of modern equipment to obtain major achievements in research.

Dr A.Gul said the primary motivating factor for him coming to and staying in Vietnam is the “opportunity to make a difference” in the country’s future. He expressed desire to achieve his goals in Vietnam, that’s something he can be proud of.

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