To send 1,500 laborers abroad in 2015

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Illustrative photo

Illustrative photo

Quang Ngai aims to send some 1,500 laborers to work abroad, including 800 laborers from 06 poor mountainous districts in 2015, according to department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs. ​

Accordingly, all laborers will be assisted with fees for vocational training, foreign language training and orientation education.

Potential export countries for Vietnamese guest workers to work are Japan, Korea, Malaysia. Laborers will work in the fields of construction, mechanics and manufacturing, agriculture, and food processing, etc.

Most of them were paid from VND 10-20 million a month depending on jobs, skill and working time of each laborer.

In the past five years, Quang Ngai has sent over 6,500 guest workers to work abroad.

Minh Thien

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