Thousands of visitors flock to Tran Temple Festival

Source: Pano feed

PANO – Tens of thousands of people gathered in the Tran Temple complex, Nam Dinh province, on March 5th to attend one of the country’s biggest festivals during the year.

Present at the event were President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee (VFFCC) Nguyen Thien Nhan, Minister of Public Security General Tran Dai Quang, and other tourists.

Many tourists awaiting the opening ceremony for the festival

Many tourists awaiting the opening ceremony for the festival

After the incense offering ceremony, more than 200 selected local villagers paraded in the procession carrying the Seal from Co Trach to Thien Truong Temples where 14 Tran Kings’ plaques are located.

This year, the organizing panel will issue unlimited paper seals, in the hope that they will bring the New Year’s good fortune and prosperity for recipients, for six days to meet the demand of visitors.

In addition, various activities are taking place, including lion dances, classical opera performance, martial art performances and chess competitions.

The panel plans to welcome about 60,000 visitors during the festival.

Translated by Viet Anh

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