The school connecting the Vietnam-Korea friendship

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The school venue in Van Loc, number 3 primary school of Hoa My Dong (Phu Hoa district) has just been inaugurated. This new school was constructed thanks to the support of World Mercy Korea organization (Korea). This event not only creates favorable conditions for the students’ learning but also bears the deep meaning in the two countries of Vietnam and Korea’s relationship.

The delegates cutting ribbons to inaugurate the school venue of Van Loc hamlet, number 3 primary school of Hoa My Dong

The delegates cutting ribbons to inaugurate the school venue of Van Loc hamlet, number 3 primary school of Hoa My Dong

After more than 8 months of construction (from August 2014), under the sponsor of World Mercy Korea organization (Korea), number 3- Hoa My Dong commune primary school has been completed and put into use. The work was constructed under the model of level-3 building within a construction area of 300m2, comprising 6 classrooms, 1 library, 1 academic staff’s room, one restroom, grounds and land-preventing embankment. The total expenditure is over 2.9 billion dongs, with more than 1.9 billion dongs from World Mercy Korea Organization and the remaining is from Hoa My Dong commune’s state budget.

Chairman of Phu Yen Red Cross Organization, Mr. Nguyen Huu Nghiem, let known, “Korean Buddhism together with the World Mercy Korea organization invested in constructing one school not merely to help students have a more favorable learning conditions but also bears a particular meaning, which is to connect Vietnam-Korea friendship”. Deputy secretary cum chairman of Hoa My Dong commune’s people’s committee, Mr. Ngo Van Hung, let known: the care from the PPC, Tay Hoa district’s people’s committee, the Provincial Red Cross and World Mercy Korea Organization, who support the locality with the construction of such an immense, green and open school is the great joy with the local government as well as inhabitants.

Monk Heon Jin, a representative of World Mercy Korea Organization, let known: through Phu Yen Red Cross, besides constructing the school of Van Loc hamlet, the organization also upgrades, renovates Number 2 primary school of Hoa Hiep Trung townlet (Dong Hoa district) with the amount of over 600 million dongs. World Mercy Korea Organization would love to partially share with some localities that are still facing with considerable difficulties in Vietnam, the support is in the form of constructing schools, classrooms. “We do hope to make a small contribution for the sake of Vietnam’s future generations. We do hope the students will become useful citizens to join hands for constructing their homeland to be wealthier and nicer, as well as continuing to build up the two countries’ friendship in a more sustainable way”, Monk Heon Jin shared.

Source: Phu Yen NewspaperTranslated by HAI LOAN

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