Test-uses surveillance cameras to curb reckless driving

Source: Pano feed

Hanoi traffic police are handling traffic law breakers via surveillance cameras on a trial basis that help them crack down on their violations just moments after they are detected, a police officer has said.

Major Pham Quang Minh, deputy chief of a team tasked with commanding traffic and operating traffic signals, under the Hanoi Traffic Police Department, said his unit is coordinating with four other traffic police teams to curb lawbreaking acts such as running the lights or encroaching on the wrong lanes.

Under the pilot plan, 450 surveillance cameras have been installed on major routes in the city.

As soon as images of traffic rule violations are transmitted to the Hanoi Traffic Operation Center managed by Minh’s unit, the center will immediately transfer them to the mobile phones of members of one of the four police teams through a specialized transmission system.

At the same time, information related to the infringements will also be sent to those members through walkie-talkies, Minh said.

With the images and information provided, traffic police officers can stop the lawbreakers and halt their violations instantly, Minh added.

“We arrange six staff members at the center for each working shift. About 40 cases of violations are caught on tape per day on average and the recorded images are objective evidence of lawbreaking behaviors,” Minh said.

Traffic rule breakers often argue with – or even resist – police officers who pull them over for signs of violations, but now they cannot deny what they have done thanks to the surveillance camera system, the official said.

Senior Lieutenant Nguyen Hoang Hai, from Traffic Police Team No. 3, said that most people in Hanoi approve of this method of dealing with disregard for road safety.

After looking at the images of their violations, no violators have had any negative reactions to traffic police officers so far, Hai said.

Đăng ký: VietNam News