Student Nguyen Hung with the International Chemistry Olympiad

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These days, Do Nguyen Hung, class 12-Chemistry, Luong Van Chanh Gifted High School, is in Hanoi to attend the fostering course for the coming national-team-selection exam to prepare for the International Chemistry Olympiad 2015. Missing the position in the last year’s exam, the 17-year-old student has been greatly determined this year.

Do Nguyen Hung and his teacher in Hanoi

Do Nguyen Hung and his teacher in Hanoi

After winning the National second prize, convened by the Education and Training Ministry to enter the aforementioned exam, Nguyen Hung was so much excited. Actually, it is not his new achievement, because in grade 11, Hung got the National runner-up and was convoked by the Ministry of Education and Training to enter the 2nd round of the national-team-selection exam. However, at that time, Hung was in grade 11, not comprehending enough knowledge of grade 12, so he had to stop before the more outstanding seniors. Even so, Hung has confirmed his bravery, energy and great passion in Chemistry.

This time, selected to join in the second round exam for the national team, Hung is full of determination and courage. Outside school, he has spent the whole time for Chemistry. Hung let known, last year, he missed the opportunity; he put the entire mind, determination into the contest with the hope to overcome 32 “heavyweight” opponents to be selected as one of four members of the National team to attend the 2015 International Chemistry Olympiad in 2015.

Hung has a pretty solid foundation. He was born into an intellectual family, his parents are construction engineers, his elder sister is a student at HCMC Foreign Trade University; therefore, he has been always created the best conditions for learning. Realizing Chemistry have many applications in life, Hung is determined to pursue this subject. According teacher Nguyen Nho Loc, the Chemistry group leader in Luong Van Chanh Gifted High School, Hung is a student with an intense chemistry passion. Hung has the outstanding ability to read and handle the new issue. To help Hung with the important exam, teacher Loc introduced him 2 Organic Chemistry books in English. After the 3-month summer vacation of all-day learning, Hung read and did most of the exercises in the book.

Knowing Hung fond of reading Chemistry books, in the early the 2014-2015 school year, teacher Huynh Tan Chau, the School’s Headmaster presented him the book “Conquering the peak of the National – International Chemistry” compiled by the members of the National Chemistry Olympiad team. The book has become Hung’s “bedside book”, always reminding him to incessantly strive to conquer chemistry knowledge. With twice of runner-national excellent student, recruited straightly to university, Hung chooses to study at the University of Natural Sciences (National University in Ho Chi Minh City). Hung’s objective is striving to get scholarship to study abroad and later become a scientist who studies chemistry.

Mr. Chau said, “Hung always has a desire to explore, attain knowledge. With the teachers’ guidance, training and Hung’s efforts during the fostering time, we set expectations that Hung will be selected in the National team to attend the International Chemistry Olympiad”.

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