Southern provinces in need of 100,000 labourers

Source: Pano feed

Đăng ký: VietNam News

Many industrial and export processing zones in the 2 southern provinces of Binh Duong and Dong Nai are seeking to recruit some 100,000 labourers as enterprises expand production to realise orders signed at the beginning of this year.
Labourers at Za Yakieds Company in Thuan An district, Binh Duong province (Photo: LDO)

Labourers at Za Yakieds Company in Thuan An district, Binh Duong province (Photo: LDO)

Advertisements have been prominently posted outside industrial zones in Dong Nai province displaying many preferential policies for labourers. Each enterprise informs of being in need of several hundred to several thousand labourers. Apart from salaries, employees are pledged to be provided with favourable conditions in terms of accommodation, transport fuel, lunch and overtime work; leading to an average income of VND5-6 million per month.

Enterprises that are recruiting a large number of labourers include Pousung Company in Bau Xeo industrial zone which is in need of over 3,000; Hwaseung Vina Company in the Nhon Trach industrial zone in need of 2,000 labourers and the Dona Que Bang Company in Vinh Cuu district in need of 500 labourers.

In Binh Duong province, talking with reporters from the Lao Dong (Labour) newspaper, Mr. Do Tat Dat from the provincial Confederation of Labour said that 650 enterprises in the province are in need of 50,000 labourers. Meanwhile, according to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuong from the provincial employment introduction centre, in March alone, enterprises need 33,000 labouers, with over 85% being unskilled and recruited into the textile and garment, wooden, wrapping, tea, coffee and mechanics enterprises.

In Dong Nai province, Mr. Pham Van Cong, Vice Director of the provincial Department of Labour, War-Invalids and Social Affairs, said that nearly 430 enterprises reported a needing nearly 48,000 labourers.

Statistics from the Binh Duong and Dong Nai provincial Confederations of Labour, after the lunar New Year festival, up to 95% of the current labourers returned to work. The existing high demand for labourer has been brought about as a result of an expansion of production for the enterprises’ contracts.

To satisfy the demand for labourers, Mr. Dat said that 60 vocational training foundations in Binh Duong province were expected to train 31,000 supplementary labourers for enterprises in 2015. Meanwhile, in Dong Nai province, in the initial months of this year demand for labour seems to be outstripping supply, according to Mr. Cong./.