Responses to National Week on Occupational Safety, Hygiene – Fire, Explosion Prevention, Fighting

Source: Pano feed

Some agencies and enterprises have shared their experience in ensuring occupational safety and preventing and fighting fires and explosions.

The Hai Duong Provincial Labor Confederation has organized a conference themed “Trade unions proactively contribute measures to preventing occupational accidents and diseases, fires, and explosions in the workplace”.

At the conference, representatives of some agencies and enterprises shared their units’ experience in ensuring occupational safety and preventing and fighting fires and explosions, typically Pha Lai Thermal Power JSC.’s system of safety and hygiene staff and safety division.

At the end of the conference, the Provincial Labor Confederation gathered all suggestions of delegates and selected effective operating models and methods for propaganda to every grassroots trade union and enterprise for reference and practical application.

* Hai Duong Petrol Supplies JSC. has invested more than VND30 million in supplementing tools and equipment for fire prevention and fighting, such as fire extinguishers, sand tanks, pumps, hoes, and shovels for three petrol stores.

The company has thoroughly disseminated regulations on fire prevention and fighting to its sales staff, supervised and sped up cleaners and garbage collectors at stores.

The company has also coordinated with relevant units to open retraining courses on professional knowledge of petrol business, environmental protection during petrol business, and occupational safety for over 200 laborers.


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