Quang Ngai’s first quarter economy remains increase

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The meeting of reviewing economy and society in the first three months of the year was held on March 30 chaired by PPC Chairman Le Viet Chu with attendance of wide range PPC's leaders.

The meeting of reviewing economy and society in the first three months of the year was held on March 30 chaired by PPC Chairman Le Viet Chu with attendance of wide range PPC's leaders.

Quang Ngai Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) on March 30 held a meeting of reviewing the year’s first quarter’s economy and society, which is chaired by PPC’s Chairman Mr. Le Viet Chu with attendance of Vice Chairmans of Le Quang Thich, Pham Nhu So, and Pham Truong Tho as well as directors of provincial departments and agencies. ​

As presented by Director of Department of Investment and Planning, the report shows that in the firs three month of the year, Quang Ngai’s economy still remains increase remarkably, with high achieved results.

Achieved data in the period

The value of industrial production is estimated to be 6,6 trillion dong, a y-o-yincrease of 0.7%, fulfilling 29.9% of the year plan. Some increased products are seafood, fertilizer, wood, various types of milks, cassava, and refinery’s products, which are calculated to touch 1.6 million tons, growing 0.8% compared with that in the same period last year.

The result of commerce and service is reported to achieve highly. Particularly, the total retail is released to be over 9.2 trillion dong, raising 11.13% compared with the figure in the same period previous year that completes 24.3% of the plan set forth for the year.

The revenue of tax collection in the period is revealed to touch 27.8% of the year’s targeted plan, accounting for 9,2 trillion dong, of which the total revenue coming from Dung Quat Refinery is over 8.2 trillion dong, reaching 28.8 % of the year’s plan and increasing 9.7% compared with the revenue in the same period in 2014.

However, in the period the turnover of im-export activities is reported to decrease compared with that in the 2014 Jan-Mar result. The export turnover is said to be over 70 million USD, decreasing 42.83% year – on – year. Import revenue also declines 49.38 %, accounting for 25.5 million USD.

It is said that the sharp decline of crude oil price in the world partly impacts on the provincial im-export activities as well as industrial production and investment promotion.


The first quarter’s im-export turnovers were unachievable as planned

So far the year, Quang Ngai government has just attracted 9 projects invested by domestic investor to Dung Quat Economic Zone and provincial industrial zones of Quang Phu and Tinh Phong with a total registered capital of 518 billion dong.

It has not yet lured any FDI project but is calling for Hanes Brand Corporation (U.S) which is seeking investment opportunities in the field of textile production in VSIP Quang Ngai zone.

Achievements in society and agriculture

In the period, the province’s government has successfully implemented social order, social welfare, traffic safety, poverty reduction, disease control and prevention, public health care, food safety and sanitation, and so on.

Regarding the yield of fishing catch, it is reported to remain growth compared with that in the same period last year. It is estimated to achieve 28,500 tons, being up 13.2% and completing 18.9% of the year’s targeted plan.

The increase yield is because that in 2014, 200 newly-built fishing boats with a total capacity of 450 HP each were launched and put in to operation. Moreover, good weather during the period has created favor condition for offshore fishing.


A part from above achievements, the province has faced to as many as challenges, such as the decline of im-export turnover, the investment of FDI under slow attraction and promotion.

Especially, the province has been dealing with the consequence of recent sudden and unusual pro-longed heavy rains, particularly in mountainous regions late March.

It is released that hundreds of hectares of rice and other farming products are almost destroyed, costing multi-billion dong.

It is also reported that the huge heavy rains killed at least two people and swept away dozens of houses. It also cuts as many as traffic roads in mountainous districts.



Quang Ngai targeted to complete construction on some large-scale key important highway in the province

Chaired the meeting, PPC chairman Chu requests his partners to strengthen further cooperation and efforts in recovering damages caused by recent heavy rains and working out supported policies for farmers; directed relevant directors to work with mountainous districts connecting broken roads as soon as possible for the sake of traveling in localities.

He also makes directions about the supports for enterprises, the implemented progress of some key large-scale traffic roads in province such as the national highway No.1a, the expressway Da Nang-Quang Ngai, the seaside road of Dung Quat -Sa Huynh, the job of site clearance of Dung Quat Thermal Power Plant in Dung Quat Economic Zone, and so on.

He also urged his partners to kick off the promotion of investment, especially FDI projects and implement well works of labor training, health care, education, social order and security, and as many as agriculture and rural projects and programs under implementation in province.

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