Quang Ngai PPC works with PAPI survey team

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PhD Bui Phuong Dinh reports the survey results

PhD Bui Phuong Dinh reports the survey results

Vice Chairman of the PPC Pham Nhu So, on March 12, received and worked with the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) survey team of Ho Chi Minh National Political Institute led by PhD Bui Phuong Dinh. ​

Earlier on November 2014, the team had a working session with the province’s leader in order to carry out the PAPI survey in Mo Duc district and Quang Ngai city.

The team has conducted survey on main contents including overall governance and public administration performance through six dimensions of Participation at Local Levels, Transparency, Vertical Accountability, Control of Corruption, Public Administrative Procedure, and Public Services Delivery.

As reported by the team after the survey, in recent years, the province has strongly implemented the administrative reforms program, contributing to improve the quality of public administrative procedures and services.

However, the PAPI survey team also pointed out some limitations and shortcomings of the province during the PAPI implementation.

Based on the survey results, at the meeting, the survey team proposed some measures to improve the PAPI in the province such as to re-set up the administrative procedures; take interest in one-door administrative departments from the provincial level to communes and districts levels; arrange qualified staffs work in the one-door offices; enhance the information technology use in order to ensure the access of local people and control the process of administrative procedures implementation; etc.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice Chairman Pham Nhu So highly appreciated information provided by the survey team. The province will direct departments and localities in implementing suggested measures to improve PAPI in the province.

Minh Thien

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