Province’s leader visits policy families

Source: Pano feed


On the occasion of the Quang Ngai province’s 40th liberation day, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Quang Thich led a delegation to visit and present gifts to Vietnamese Heroic Mothers and heroes of the People’s Armed Forces in districts of Son Tinh, Tu Nghia, Mo Duc, Duc Pho and Quang Ngai city. ​

The delegation visited Vietnamese heroic Mothers Phan Thi Loan (104), Le Thi Loi (88), Vo Thi Nha (92); heroes of the People’s Armed Forces Doan Thanh Liem (88) and Nguyen Van Tron (61).

Thich briefed on the province’s socio-economic development situation as well as acknowledged contributions of policy beneficiaries to the protection and construction of the country.

He also expressed the hope that policy beneficiaries will continually together with provincial party and government to develop the province.

Minh Thien

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