Pacific Angel reviews its humanitarian assistance 2015 in Quang Ngai province

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The PPC's Vice Chairman Le Quang Thich speaks at the ceremony

The PPC's Vice Chairman Le Quang Thich speaks at the ceremony

A ceremony to review the Pacific Angle Program 2015 (PACANGLE) in Quang Ngai province was held by the provincial People’s Committee and US Pacific Air Forces on March 30 at Binh Thanh Dong Primary School. ​

Participants at the ceremony were Mrs. Rena Bitter – US Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, Lieutenant General Kevin E. Pottinger – Representative leader of US Pacific Air Forces, Commander Datcie Yoshimoto – Commanding Officer of PACANGEL 2015 in Quang Ngai, Vice Chairman of the PPC Le Quang Thich, representatives of department, functioned agencies, Binh Son and Son Tinh districts and members of PACANGEL 2015.

During the eight-day engagement that began on March 23, a supplemental medical care is being provided to more than 5,120 residents in Binh Son and Duc Pho districts. Besides, military and civilian medical professionals are participating in skill exchanges and trainings in Mo Duc district.


Delegates cut ribbon to welcome the new-upgraded Binh Thanh Dong Primary School

An engineering team comprised of more than 50 U.S military civil engineers, members of the provincial Vietnam People’s Armed Forces made structural improvements to the Tinh Phong 1 and Binh Thanh Dong Primary Schools, Duc Chanh and Duc Loi communes’ Medical Clinics.

Operation Pacific Angel is a joint and combined humanitarian assistance exercise led by the US Pacific Air Forces. Participants of PACANGEL 2015 were US military members, 02 non-governmental organizations (East Meets West and Project Hope) and Quang Ngai military forces and volunteers.

This is the fifth time of PACANGEL in Vietnam including Quang Tri Province in September 2009, Can Tho Province in May 2010, Nghe An Province in June 2012, and Quang Binh province in June 2013.


Representatives of the Quang Ngai province and US Pacific Air Force plant trees

at Binh Thanh Dong Primary School

Delivering speech at the ceremony, Vice Chairman of the PPC Le Quang Thich expressed his thanks and affirmed that PACANGEL is a meaningful humanitarian program, besides, it’s also an opportunity for medical staffs and military members of US and Vietnam to exchange and share experiences on medical and engineering sectors.

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