Officials not allowed to interfere in overloaded vehicle handling

Source: Pano feed

The Standing Board of the Hai Duong provincial Party Committee (PPC) has issued Directive No. 45-CT/TU on intensifying vehicle load control in the province.

Accordingly, the PPC’s Standing Board required the Party Assistance Board of the provincial People’s Committee to focus on directing:

– the intensification of propagandizing legal provisions on vehicles’ loading capacity, the arrangement of goods on vehicles, and damage caused by overloaded vehicles;

– the promotion of checking and handling of overloaded vehicles, concentration on mobile inspections, inspections and handling right in departure places or near warehouses, inland waterway ports, wharfs, grounds, railway stations, material mines, cargo gathering sites, etc.;

– the prevention of negative phenomena in vehicle load control, sufficient equipment, and arrangement of manpower and funds for task forces.

The PPC’s Standing Board required the Party Committees of the provincial Police and Military to arrange adequate forces jointly performing tasks at vehicle load check-points; ensure security and order in the areas where the load check-points are placed and guarantee the forces’ safety; equip police forces on duty with sufficient weapons and support tools as prescribed to handle dissident cases and spontaneous acts.

The PPC’s Standing Board also required Party committees at district, provincial town, and city levels and directly under the PPC:

– to thoroughly disseminate directive contents about handling overloaded vehicles to all subordinate Party cells and organizations;

– to ask officials and Party members to exemplarily follow and mobilize their relatives not to abet or cover up overloading acts and not to interfere in functional forces’ handling of overloaded vehicles;

– to direct the organization of mobilizing the people to detect violations of transporting overloaded and oversized cargos and promptly inform functional agencies for handling.


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