Military servicewoman with three different jobs

Source: Pano feed

PANO – Senior Lieutenant Chu Thi Hoa is working as an assistant of the Information and Training Section of the Cao Bang provincial Military Command. What leaves deep impression on people is her high determination in doing her job.

Despite heavy workload, Hoa has always shown her enthusiasm for the job. She is responsible for dissemination of the military-defence missions to local people. That is why when she was appointed to being in charge of the “People’s Defence” column on the Cao Bang Newspaper, and programs on Cao Bang Television, she has always successfully fulfilled the job.

Senior Lieutenant Chu Thi Hoa (third from left) at a ceremony to receive a certificate of merit

Senior Lieutenant Chu Thi Hoa (third from left) at a ceremony to receive a certificate of merit

Everyday, packing her old camera and camcorder, Hoa reaches localities, despite treacherous terrains and harsh weather conditions, to record daily activities of the locals and soldiers, adding more spices and real images to the column, better disseminating the military-defence missions to the people.

Dynamic, flexible, and creative, since 2014, Hoa has produced hundreds of quality press works, which have been broadcast and printed by local and central press agencies. She also works as a collaborator for the People’s Army Newspaper and the Army Broadcasting Center.

It is her very enthusiasm in the job that helps Hoa make her quality press works, contributing to encouraging the armed forces of Cao Bang province in overcoming difficulties during their task performance.

Further sharing her thinking of the job, Hoa said, “We are three-in-one journalists, which means we disseminate information via the television, the radio, and the newspaper. Therefore, I’ve always told myself that I need to overcome all difficulties to best fulfill my tasks.”

Translated by Huu Duong

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