Malaysia, China and Australia vow to continue search for MH370

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(Source: Internet)

On March 8th, Malaysia, China and Australia vowed to continue the search for the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 since it vanished one year ago.

Families of the people on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 marked the 1st anniversary of the plane’s disappearance with a vow to never give up on the desperate search for wreckage and answers to the world’s biggest aviation mystery.

“Malaysia remains committed to the search, and hopeful that MH370 will be found”, Prime Minister, Najib Razak said in a statement on the 1st anniversary of the aircraft’s disappearance.

“No words can describe the pain the families of those on board are going through”, Najib said. “The lack of answers and definitive proof, such as aircraft wreckage, has made this more difficult to bear”.

On the sidelines of an annual meeting of China’s parliament, China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi said: “The search for MH370 will continue”.

On the same day, Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott said: “The recovery effort” can’t go on forever but, as long as there are reasonable leads, the search will go on”.

The disappearance of the Boeing 777-200 is arguably the greatest mystery in the history of commercial flight.

M370 vanished on March 8th, 2014, after leaving Kuala Lumpur with 239 people on board, including six Australians./.