Lots of heart-felt and opening ideas for tourism

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The majority of ideas raised by tourism enterprises in the dialogue with provincial leaders are really enthusiastic, constructive, opening for the sake of joining hands to develop Phu Yen tourism.

Luong Van Chanh temple (Phu Hoa district) is one of the attractive tourist destinations

Luong Van Chanh temple (Phu Hoa district) is one of the attractive tourist destinations

ASPIRATIONS FROM ENTERPRISESOne issue commonly mentioned by these enterprises is how to avoid wastefulness along Tuy Hoa beach. As before, lots of footstalls were busy with local men and tourists, in recent years, the beach has become quiet, which is considered “so much regretful”. The issue related to scheming also made lots of tourism enterprises feel unpleasant, which is the trading situation along Bach Dang Street (Chua river embankment) is so much untidy, causing tourists feel sick once coming here. Mr. Ngo Van Dinh, vice chairman of Phu Yen tourism association, proposed, “The PPC and Tuy Hoa city’s city need to take measures to deal with the trading situation at the embankment region, with licenses, the owners have to upgrade the footstalls, ensuring hygiene, civilized and polite environment; in case of not issuing certificates for doing business, strong measures must be taken..”

The issue of air-travel always causes headache for the tourism enterprises. “Tourists want the best service, with large airplanes while there are only ATR72 small planes in Tuy Hoa airport. Once persuading tourists to buy air tickets, it’s not easy to buy in bulk, especially during the national holidays and Tet”, Mr. Le Hoang Thanh Tung, director of Tuy Hoa tourist, let known. The most exciting news is that Tuy Hoa airport is going two have two large planes of Jetstar Pacific, however at not high frequency, 3 daysa week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Meanwhile, with tourists traveling via travel agencies, the time frame for coming to Phu Yen is around Thursdays, Fridays before ending the holidays on Sundays.

Lots of righteous proposals were also made at the dialogue. In detail, the province needs to have mechanism for attracting investment, exploitation at the national relics region; actively “pulling” regional, national scope events to be held in Phu Yen; investing to upgrade the routes connecting with the Central Highlands, because this is the very potential tourism market; connecting with the regional provinces so as to form tourism product chains…


PPC Vice Chairman cum head of the directing board of tourism development in Phu Yen, Mr. Tran Quang Nhat, acknowledged the ideas are all very constructive, opening for the provincial leaders, functional authorities to take multi-direction view in directing and managing”. Comrade Tran Quang Nhat also acknowledged the limitations, weaknesses related to the task of managing, directing in some functional offices, which need adjusting.

With the proposal of attracting investment, “auction for the rights to exploit tourism clusters”, comrade Tran Quang Nhat noted and directed the Department of Culture-Sports-Tourism to early consult with the PPC to organize scientific conferences with the participation of the Ministry of Culture-Sports-Tourism, related ministries and departments to reach solutions of preserving and developing cultural heritage values in connection with developing the locality’s tourism…

As for each raised content and proposal of the enterprises, within the rights and obligations, comrade Tran Quang Nhat exchanges and responds to the enterprises to master the information; simultaneously directing heads of related units and localities to seriously implement to their functions, under legal stipulations, creating favorable conditions for the development of local tourism, among which, the contents that are commonly cared by the enterprises are night market, night streets, information on scheming Bach Dang street, sanitary situation on Tuy Hoa beach and adjusting favorable parking time…

Source: Phu Yen NewspaperTranslated by HAI LOAN

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