Joining Hands in New Rural Construction

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With the motto

Practices of the revolution proved that all things can be done by people’s strength. Within narrow scope of a district, a commune, a village, once you create a consensus of the people, any difficulty can be overcome. The new rural construction has been implemented across the country; the first step has achieved important results; through which we can draw many lessons. In particular, the lessons of consensus have deep meaning and cannot be taken lightly. In many places, typically in Tuyen Quang, thanks to the consensus, many difficulties and obstacles have been overcome.

One of the successes of the new rural construction in the last years of Tuyen Quang province is boosting production and raising incomes for people. According to statistics, the province has implemented the projects, policies and plans which have been approved, integrated programmes and projects to direct and guide the people and focus resources to develop agricultural products have advantages associated with branding, brand products, thereby enhancing the value and income for the people. Typically Phong Tho honey brand, Xuan Van grapefruit, Bat Tien My Bang tea, Vinh Tan Tea, high-quality rice Kim Phu, etc. The province also puts an emphasis on the development of local agricultural products towards building chain value, initially forming the value chain of Ham Yen orange and is focused on developing the value chains of glue, pigs and buffaloes.

In the period 2011- 2014, total resources mobilised to implement integrated rural development program was over VND7,089 billion, of which the budget directly from the central was VND148 billion; local budget over VND202.6 billion; credit capital VND3818.9 billion; integrated capital VND1,792 billion; business supporting capital VND353 billion; and people’s contribution over VND774 billion. In period 2015 – 2020, the province maintains the standards and completes the criteria of irrigation, post office and residential housing, striving to have 40/129 communes achieving new rural standards. Capital needed for this stage is about VND9,750 billion, of which in 2015, the demand for capital is about VND1854.5 billion. Steering Committee continues to focus on fully implementing the policy issued to support the implementation of the program, check, adjust policies to encourage the application of science and technology, resource mobilization, attracting businesses to invest in manufacturing, processing, agricultural services, and rural areas.

After four years of implementation of the National Target Programme to build new rural areas, rural appearance of Tuyen Quang had many changes, material life, the spirit of the people is improving; awareness of citizens and level of local officials are raised. Construction of new rural area has created a fresh definition of leadership and dynamism, the efforts of the people. Many communes have taken the advantages to form commodity production areas, creating jobs and raising income for local people, contributing to alleviation of poverty in rural areas.

Duy Binh

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